World Games 2010

Welcome to The 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™


Welcome to the World Equestrian Games of 2010 held in Kentucky after being awarded the games from the world body.


The games will be held on Dec 6, 2005 comprised of world championships for eight equestrian games. The first games were in 1990 in Sweden (Stockholm).

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Effective Horse Racing Tips for Beginners

Australian Horse Racing Tips

When people are new to the sport of horse racing, need to rely on proven horse racing tips. They often assume that the favorite horse or the horse that has won the most races will win. Assuming the favorite will win is often the way to lose money on a horse race. People that bet on races often assume the horse that wins the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness will take the Belmont Stakes, and end up losing. Here are some good horse racing tips for choosing a winner.

One of the most important horse racing tips is that the favorite horse in a race usually wins about 35 percent of the time. If the horse is on a winning streak, has a great jockey and trainer, your bet may pay off. However, if the track isn’t within a furlong of the last track on which the horse won, you may want to back another horse. One of the best horse racing tips to keep in mind is that if the favorite hasn’t won a race in the last 35 days, you may want to place your bet on another horse.

the shark horse racing tips

Good horse racing tips include the jockey riding the horse. If he isn’t the same rider who won the last time, you may want to check his record. If the jockey won all or most of his previous races, it’s a good chance he and the horse will do well this time out. When you’re choosing a favorite to win, use your horse racing tips to identify the horses you think may place or show in the race.

Jockey do have a lot to do with the performance of a horse. Horse racing tips with include researching the jockey. An experienced rider can do well in a short race but must be able to pace the horse in a longer race to win. Checking the odds is one of the most effective horse racing tips, especially for beginners.

For example, one horse may be ranked as 20 to 1. Another may be ranked at 10 to 1. The lower the odds, the better the chances are that the horse may win the race. In this case, you may not win as much as you would if you bet on a horse with higher odds. The best thing to do is research horses, jockeys, and trainers to see how many races they’ve won. The tote board is another way to decide which horse to bet on. The board shows how much has been bet on the horse and the odds of the horse winning the race.